X Help Your Student Avoid Regrets about their College Major
Posted on May 22, 2017

Help Your Student Avoid Regrets about their College Major


Regretting your choice of college major is not an uncommon story. Most of us regret several decisions we made in our late teens and early twenties (although they make for funny stories sometimes!) and making a big life decision like career preparation is a big ask.  

Our current education system does very little to help students figure out what would be a good career for them. And the SAT and ACT tests do not provide any useful feedback. Even if you know you are good at math, do you want a job where you would be doing math all day? Most math is done for us by computers now anyway.

Behavioral Assessments and Major Choice 

So, how do students figure out what would be a good career and major for them? Well, I am glad you asked! In Chapter 3 of Never Pay Retail for College, I talk about gaining self-awareness in detail. However, for the sake of brevity, let’s focus on the behavioral self-assessment.

I have tried every behavioral assessment under the sun: Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, Kolbe, DISC, StrengthFinder and more. The one I found to be the most valuable is the Birkman Method. It identifies how we are hardwired, in what career we are likely to thrive, and which majors support that career path.

And college major regret is not the only thing that a behavioral assessment can help. If your child decides to switch majors or, worse yet, schools, it can easily add a year of additional schooling. And that translates into a big expense.

Our Passion 

So, I highly recommend that students get a behavioral assessment to ensure they choose a career and major that is a good fit with their personality, interests and styles. Everyone will benefit in the long run.

Our passion at the Center for College Solutions is to help you with the whole question, from choosing the right school to financing your choice. Get in touch today to set up a complimentary initial consultation, or check out my book (or audiobook!) Never Pay Retail for College