Find the Right College at the Right Price

Choosing and paying for college is one of the biggest investments families face, often with very little guidance.

You don’t have to do this alone. Let our college consultants help your student get what they need academically, socially and emotionally, without burying your family in debt.

Helping Families

“Our kids have loved meeting with her and she has been effective at helping them find out more about their gifts and passions. We are confident that we are in a much better place than before we met her. We give her book and her process a “two thumbs up." — Todd Anderson
“Upon the first meeting with Beth, I could tell we were in good hands. She took the time to really listen and asked plenty of questions to understand my finances.” — Carrie Ellis
"Beth Walker has been a great resource for our family! She helped demystify the modern college admissions process for us (and we thought we were well-prepared, as business owners with advanced degrees)." — Ashley M.
"I am proud to say that with Beth’s enlightened advice along with my daughter’s unique talents, Nia has been awarded no less than 5 substantial scholarships!" — Francesca Owens
"Sending our son to college is still a little scary, but it would have been terrifying without Beth's guidance." — Jeff Coleman
"Working with Beth has been amazing; she is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She thoroughly assessed my family’s specific needs..." — Stacy Harley
"The college planning process can be complicated, and Beth’s expertise will help guide your child toward the studies that best suit them and direct you to maximize the financial aid awards that they can receive." — Matt DiFrancesco

What You Get


Students receive resources, technology and guidance for finding schools that are a good fit. They get help preparing applications and being ready for the transition to college.


Families get a framework for choosing schools they can afford and do a real “apples-to-apples” comparison of the different awards offered by colleges.


Parents get help finding as much money as possible to fund college and tools to set a realistic budget for college while balancing their lifestyle and savings for retirement.



Cashflow for College

Retirement is a distant and theoretical concept for most people. College, on the other hand, is more like a freight train picking up momentum and heading right at us. When suddenly confronted with the overwhelming reality of college costs, parents take action. 
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