Our Story

Applying for, getting into, and paying for college has changed dramatically in the last 20 years.

The experience is not what most parents expect. That’s why families are woefully underprepared for one of the biggest investments of their lives. This leads to unnecessary stress and families paying much more for college than they should. ​​

Inspired by these realities, Beth Walker created the Center for College Solutions – to take the mystery out of the process and ensure that parents never pay retail for college. She wanted to bring her successful financial planning practice to families who need a college planning process – everything from academic preparation to financial strategy.

Center for College Solutions has guided families through the uncertainties of college planning for over a decade. Helping families realize and achieve their dreams is a sacred trust, and as a parent, Beth recognizes the pressures that come from the process and why many families make decisions around college that aren’t in their best interests long-term.

By gathering experts that address the 12 key areas of successfully planning for getting into, paying for and thriving in college, CCS is a resource for families all over the US to be able to reduce the cost, complexity and confusion of all things college.

Our Purpose & Values

We guide families through the uncertainties of college
planning to help them realize and achieve their dreams.


Help families realize their potential by empowering them through knowledge and confidence. By keeping putting their best interests first, our servant leadership approach helps families reach their goals.

Be Honest, Always

Doing the right thing isn’t always the easy thing to do. We serve our families by being honest about the challenges both good and bad. We serve each other through accountability and integrity so that we consistently strive to do – and be – our best.


Experiment, explore and experience life. Our creativity in how we approach the world enhances our joy for what we do, and how we live.


Inspire the families we serve to dream big but stay grounded and do everything in our power to help them achieve their dreams. We bring expertise to keep you from falling prey to the alluring ease of small plans.

Our Mission

To empower families in the college planning process by providing honest guidance, thorough knowledge and creative leadership so they can reach their highest goals. We have one purpose in mind with one-on-one college consulting and planning services: to serve the best interests of the student and their family. The success and satisfaction of the people we help is our highest calling.

We are committed to creating and implementing a financial strategy that impacts your student’s academic preparation and financial aid planning.

My life’s work is defined by my college-bound student’s success. It’s my most important role. My son, Mack, is the reason I’m on a mission to help fix the broken system of paying for college. My purpose is all about a better future – for our children, for parents and for our communities.

That’s why I believe in approaching college with a project management mentality – proven principles applied in a pragmatic and no-nonsense manner. I launched the Center for College Solutions, a collaborative coalition of professionals committed to making college an affordable reality for all families, because we can educate our future leaders without breaking the bank..

After 20 years in the world of financial planning, helping families achieve their goals, I know firsthand the range of emotions that families experience, regardless of where they are in the college planning process. Fear, guilt, embarrassment, shame – what parent hasn’t laid awake at night and cycled through those emotions?

CCS is on a mission to guide families through the uncertainties of college and help them realize and achieve their dreams. I want parents to experience pride, joy, a sense of accomplishment and achievement … and yes, even relief.



Going From Manager to Mentor

Transitioning from high school to college is not only hard on the students, it can also be extremely difficult for the parents. The kids are looking forward to the independence of college and their new chapter. That’s not to say there isn’t a bit of anxiety with this BIG step, but it’s truly something they are excited to begin.
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