FAFSA Filing

This is an exciting and stressful time for families with seniors. So, take a deep breath and remember that getting into college is not the end goal. It is the start of the process of adulthood and independence for our children. 
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Cashflow for College

Retirement is a distant and theoretical concept for most people. College, on the other hand, is more like a freight train picking up momentum and heading right at us. When suddenly confronted with the overwhelming reality of college costs, parents take action. 

Being the College Project Manager

College is a multi-year project that is 5 – 7 times more expensive than the average kitchen remodel. But like a remodel, it takes planning to pull it off successfully: an investment of time, expertise and money in advance. 

Getting the Right Mindset

The students have to do the work, and we have to hold them accountable for doing it. When we do, they won’t drop out, give in to peer pressure, or take six years to get a four-year degree. And we’ll save a small fortune.

Home for the Holidays

Having your college student home for the holidays is the next evolution in family traditions. It just includes more food, more laundry detergent and zero expectations of seeing them before noon. But it’ll still be worth the wait!
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