Never Pay Retail For College

Are you worried that you can’t afford to send your child to college?

Afraid that rising tuition costs will prevent your child from getting a much-needed education? Do you want a debt-free future for both you and your child? Discover a comprehensive financial plan to help you cut your costs in half in Beth’s book, Never Pay Retail for College.
  • Discounted College

    This easy-to-follow guidebook is like a 25 to 50% off coupon for college

  • Minimize Debt

    Both parents and students can minimize debt in the long run – how you can become a better-informed consumer of higher education?

  • Twelve Elements

    The book explains the 12 critical elements required for a successful college plan

  • Step by Step

    Step-by-step strategies for saving money based on expert advice

  • College Budget

    All-in-one resource for stretching the value for your family’s college budget

  • Framework

    Provides a project management framework (like remodeling your kitchen) for families to find and finance the college of their dreams

Five-Star Reviewed

This is an excellent book! Not only does it provide useful wisdom and advice, but more importantly it explains how one should approach and think about the entire college planning process. The full cost of a four-year degree is astronomical and increasing rapidly, and therefore it just makes good sense to question conventional thinking. I will refer to this book often as I prepare to send my 13 and 16-year-old daughters to college. In fact, this will be my primary guide. The truth is the basis for all solid planning, so I keep coming back to a fundamental question posed in the first pages ” If what you thought about college turned out not to be true, when would you want to know?” I think that all smart parents would answer “ASAP!”

— Amazon Reviewer

I have read several books about how best to navigate the college application process, but this is the best one I’ve found yet. It provided me with specific, helpful information such as how to negotiate a financial aid package, which families will qualify for need-based aid, how Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) is far from the total most families end up paying, and how it’s often smartest to wait to spend on a “name” school at the graduate degree level rather than undergraduate if you know your child will continue college past their bachelor’s. The tone throughout the book is of a high-integrity counselor who wants to help your child get into the college of their dreams, while helping the parents spend as little money as possible. Highly recommended.

— Amazon Reviewer