FAFSA Filing

This is an exciting and stressful time for families with seniors. So, take a deep breath and remember that getting into college is not the end goal. It is the start of the process of adulthood and independence for our children. 
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How to Approach the College Finance Question

For most families with college-bound students, there is a lot of stress around paying for college. Not only is it very expensive, but unless you know you are paying full tuition the actual cost of college is not known until after you are accepted.

How to Prepare for the Increasing Costs of College

Parents read things like, “the cost of college has been rising much faster than the rate of inflation,” but it’s hard to put that into context. However, it’s really instructive if we do.

College is a Project, Not a Product

Our relentless and seductive consumer culture has convinced us that college is a product, something with pretty packaging and a list of features a mile long that we can’t live without. 

Turning Your College Dream into a Plan

The most surprising aspect of this college project is how much the student has to do with the ultimate cost of college. The answer to the problem lies within the problem, and we need to understand how to reveal the solution. 
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