FAFSA Filing

This is an exciting and stressful time for families with seniors. So, take a deep breath and remember that getting into college is not the end goal. It is the start of the process of adulthood and independence for our children. 
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Why it’s Important to Remember that Colleges are Businesses

If you had any question about how frequently colleges discount their tuition, there is a recent New York Times article that shows the practice is growing with certain colleges: When Colleges Dangle Money to Lure Students Who Ignored Them.

The Anticipated “Surprise” of College Costs

More than a few families I meet with ask the question: “How did we get into this situation?” They are dual-income families making solid salaries, but have significant debt and are barely able to keep their financial house in order. And as their oldest child starts planning for college, they have no idea how they can afford it. 

Help Your Student Avoid Regrets about their College Major

Regretting your choice of college major is not an uncommon story. Most of us regret several decisions we made in our late teens and early twenties (although they make for funny stories sometimes!) and making a big life decision like career preparation is a big ask.  

Why “Right Fit” Schools Minimize College Debt

No parents want their children to be burdened with a lot of college debt. And the media reports of students graduating with $100,000+ in debt are scary. However, they are not accurate, at least for undergraduates. Undergraduate students can only directly take on a maximum of $27,000 in debt ($31,000 if they take a fifth year of college). 
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