FAFSA Filing

This is an exciting and stressful time for families with seniors. So, take a deep breath and remember that getting into college is not the end goal. It is the start of the process of adulthood and independence for our children. 
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5 Questions to Find the Right Advisor for Financing College

Last week, I was contacted by a financial advisor who was trying to help her clients make the best possible decisions about funding college. She realized that she did not know enough to help her clients make the best decision, so she contacted me for some professional advice.

The Most Important Thing I Took to College

When it was time for me to head off to college, my mom presented me with an ornate tin tied with a ribbon. Upon presenting it to me, she told me it had been sitting open in our kitchen for the last few months. She put the lid on and tied it up with a ribbon so that I would take it with me to school. It was a way for me to take a little bit of home and our family with me wherever I went. 

Because There are No Loans for Retirement

One of the big mistakes I see with paying for college is parents diverting funds from retirement to pay for college. Why is this a problem? The short answer is that there are no loans for retirement.

Mental, Not Academic, Preparation For College

Most college preparation is focused on grades, standardized tests and applications. And while those are important, it does nothing to solve a big problem: only 59% of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree graduate within six years. 
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