X Don’t Get Caught Up in the Rush of College Planning Race
Posted on June 22, 2018

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Rush of College Planning Race


In the midst of the school year, I find that a lot of parents can get caught up in the rush towards college: hyper-focused on grades, making sure our kids check the boxes to be an “ideal applicant,” and single-mindedly working to get them into the best school possible. 

Doesn’t it make you a little tired just thinking about all there is to do? That is why I find the end of the school year to be a great time for reflection. Rather than getting caught up in the rush, it helps to get a little perspective on why we are doing all of these things for our kids: We want them to have the best chance at success in life.

Frank Bruni, a NY Times columnist, has a great book about choosing a college: Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be. Remember, there is a lot more to who our children will become than the college they attend. 

That is why I really like this set of Ted Talks called Blueprints for the Next Generation. The first one is titled “How to Raise Successful Kids – Without Over-parenting.” And that is just the start. The whole series really helps us as parents get more perspective on getting our children prepared for adulthood.

So, be sure to enjoy the summer when it comes! And if possible, take some time to get some perspective on the whole college project. 

It’s not a race, it is a project.

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